House Cleaning Service Sunshine Coast

House Cleaning Services / July 16, 2023

Sandy R, from Southbank QLD was all smiles after a great Airtasker experienceA low cost home cleaning service for your house in Sunshine Coast. We have reliable cleaners located near you ready to help from $28/hr.

Trusted, insurance covered cleaners

Flexible, from a quick dust to end of lease cleans

Free, no obligation quotes


Absolutely spotless! The kitchen and bathroom was cleaned thoroughy and my house smells wonderful. I love the personal touch and will use again.

Sandy R, Brisbane

Quality Sunshine Coast Home Cleaners

Airtasker will help you get FREE custom quotes from trusted and insured house cleaners in your local community - you can browse these quotes, discuss any issues and then choose the best person for the job with no obligations. Unlike some “FREE Service Quoting” websites, we will not share your mobile number or email address with suppliers - so no annoying sales people!

Sunshine Coast house cleaners on Airtasker are available to work around your schedule for weekly home cleaning, fortnightly home cleaning or one-off house cleaning.
Domestic cleaners on Airtasker are highly experienced and usually bring their own cleaning equipment, (this should be clarified by the Airtasker upon making an offer).

Typical home cleaning costs in Sunshine Coast:

1 bedroom house

2 bedroom house

3 bedroom house

4 bedroom house

5 bedroom house

6 bedroom house

1 bathroom

2 bathroom

from $38

from $50

from $88

from $100

from $113

from $125

Get a house cleaning quote now! Post your task and you’ll start receiving offers in no time.

Local home cleaners on Airtasker also covers nearby suburbs including East Sunshine Coast.

About Home Cleaning Services in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Every Airtasker house cleaning service can be tailored to your unique home and requirements. With Airtasker you can pick and choose just the services you need. For example, you may not require your refrigerator to be cleaned inside on every visit so you can rotate this requirement - keeping the price reasonable and the service good value-for-money.

Select your Top Airtaskers by location

There are a plethora of blogs on the Internet that are filled with house cleaning tips, stain removal tricks and even how to clean organically. So I thought I'd share some of the ones I love to read and get inspiration from to try at home and also share with Airtaskers. Here are our top [Read More] ...

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