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House Cleaning Services / June 21, 2023

Freedom from housework is a fabulous feeling!
We are a housecleaning service in the Seattle, Bellevue and Kent, WA areas. Safe, affordable, green cleaning methods are offered from CottageCare. We offer kitchen, bath, floor and furniture cleaning, serving the Bellevue, Kent, Renton and Puget Sound metro areas. Prices are as low as $68 per visit.
We'll meet your tough standards with the CottageCare® regimen:
- Bathrooms: complete scouring and sanitizing of sinks, bowls, showers, tubs, tiles, and mirrors
- Furniture: thorough dusting of tops, sides, and legs
- Kitchen: countertops scrubbed down, sinks scoured, general cleaning of exterior of appliances and exterior of cabinets
- Hard Surface Floors: vacuumed then hand washed for best results (bathrooms, kitchens and foyers)
- Carpets: utilizing two different types of vacuums for the deepest clean
- Tailored Service: CottageCare® can meet all of your regular and special occasion cleaning needs.
Be good to yourself and your family! Let CottageCare® be good to you!

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