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House Cleaning Services / June 22, 2023

Friendly and courteous women ! I was very comfortable. I was able to continue working in my home-office while they cleaned.

Stephanie W

I have MS, hard for me to keep my house clean and my house needed a good, deep cleaning, y'all did it! I am fortunate enough to have the Maids come and clean and it makes me so happy I sit around a lot at home and now its clean and I have no anxiety about it

Happy Client

Tammi and her team are warm and friendly - and cooperative. When I mention anything they might do better, they get right on it. When I, in my older age, cannot carry something from floor to floor in my home, they willingly do it for me, even though it's not a part of cleaning. I enjoy seeing them come, and I enjoy the work they do to help me.

Great job, Ladies!

Team 4 you did an amazing job - I have to say that outside of my initial (1st) experience - this was exceptional. Please don't misconstrue this comment - The Maids are an exceptional cleaning service and each and every Team has made my home a palace! Thanks once again!

The girls were very professional they did a great job and they did it very quickly.

Lisa Jones

I have seen a lot of people come and go, but I especially like Natasha! She is so pleasant and friendly and I can hear her communicating with the workers and she seems it a great team leader! I am pleased to see you promote from within. Great job to all!

Baco C

This team today with Rena as the Team Leader was awesome. They hit everything needed and more. Good job!


Thorough, courteous and willing to work with my dates and times.

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