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House Cleaning Services / January 16, 2023

Looking for a fun place to work, with a flexible schedule and competitive pay? Then come live the Merry Maids® life!

As a Merry Maids team member, you would belong to an award-winning company and be a part of our close-knit team — a team that works together to provide the best cleaning solutions and customer service to our clients.

We take pleasure in improving our clients' lives by allowing them to spend more time with family and doing activities they enjoy. As trusted in-home professionals, we form strong relationships with our clients and are often considered part of their extended families.

Live the Merry Maids Life™

Each day starts with a morning huddle at your local office. The huddle is a time when you get that day's cleaning assignments, training updates and spend time with other Merry Maids team members. From there, everyone leaves to tackle their cleaning assignments for the day, according to the schedule that works best for them.

In addition to a flexible work schedule, being a Merry Maids team member has many benefits:

*Varies by location.

Opportunity to grow

As the largest home cleaning franchise network in the United States, Merry Maids offers a variety of growth and development opportunities. You start off as a team member, and then are able to tailor a career path that matches your interests and goals. Many of our team captains, trainers, quality assurance supervisors, managers and franchise owners started as team members too.

Check out the position snapshots below, to see the different ways you can grow at Merry Maids.**

Your career starts here!

** Positions and growth paths may vary by location.

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