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House Cleaning Services / November 6, 2023

Corona, CA 92881

(951) 263-8841

It has been YEARS since my house has had a good spring cleaning, and it was filled with dust and cobwebs and unpleasant filmy substances. I'm so glad I turned to Alma for professional help, the spring cleaning was worth every penny! Alma's crew made everything spotless. The windows are so clean it's almost like they're not there, and my wood floors have a new pretty color. My oven and kitchen counters are squeaky clean, and these details are just the tip of the iceberg. My spring cleaning service has helped me to see all the beauty in my home again and to push the reset button on my own efforts to keep it clean. Also, thanks to Alma's proven reputation I had no hesitations about trusting her crew with my house and two pets. Many, many thanks!!

I was not surprised by the service I received from Alma and her crew after reading all of the reviews here on Yelp. They came by at the agreed upon time and worked very fast & very detailed. I watched the transfomation of my house and could not have been happier. The workers were friendly with my pets and even re-filled the water and food bowl. I was genuinely touched. For me, this is my new cleaning company for my monthly house cleaning.

If I could give alma and her team more then 5 stars I would! We have used multiple cleaning companies and they are by far the best I have had clean my house! I am extremely critical when it comes to cleanliness, especially my home, and they have by far reached my expectations. They cleaned from top to bottom and everything in between...and went above and beyond in my opinion. Alma and her team are very friendly, sweet ladies, and her husband is very organized in scheduling and sending reminder texts. I used them for the first time yesterday and will be having them come back for bi-weekly maintenance. You really can't beat the price either! I've paid more for less then superb service. Can't wait for them to come back!

At first I thought the prices where too high but the quality and effort they put into your house shows so well there detail is impeccable. They give you everything you ask for and more

Excellent service! On-time, outstanding team, great cleaning service. Would recommend to any small - large company, office and/or home.

I am so thankful we had Alma's housecleaning clean our house. They did a great job and look forward to them coming back. Very professional house cleaning service. Alma and the crew are super sweet. We had a great experience from the moment we first contacted them. Highly recommend them.

I hired Alma's Cleaning Services after my property was left in such an extreme state of neglect by my previous tenant. There were black/brown rings on all three toilet bowls in the property, the lime build up on the shower was so thick the glass walls had turned opaque, the cabinet walls were so greasy the previously honey colored wood cabinets turned grey. In summary, it probably ranks as one of the dirtiest, filthiest houses I've ever seen in my life. I previously hired a cleaning team to restore the house to move in condition, but they didn't do a good job. That's when I decided to hire Alma's Cleaning Services. I was totally impressed when within the first hour, they were able to remove all black/brown rings on all toilet bowls in the house, the previous cleaners couldn't do this in the four hours they were in the house. Alma and his team spent the same number of hours but they were able to complete/exceed my entire list of 'cleaning requirements'. I finally found my go to cleaning company! I plan on hiring Alma and her team of detail oriented, hard working cleaners for all my future cleaning jobs. Excellent work!