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House Cleaning / January 18, 2023

Don't Have Time To Clean/ Organize? Let Me Help You To Have A Clean/organize House โ€” Liverpool, NY

Welcome to Lisa. Clean houses that professional clean and organizes houses, one at a time. I'm detail-orientated and go above and beyond to clean a house. as of right now, I have 6 clients that I clean for a weekly and bi weekly rate. Also, offer one time clean and deep cleaning and can help with organization too. I can clean the kitchen (cupboards-top of range, oven hood, front panel of dishwasher- refrigerator top-sides-front panel- front panel microwave, bathrooms top to bottom, wash floors (special cleaner for wood and laminate floors), vacuum, dust, wash windows, dust baseboards, fan blades, window ledges, etc. If you need laundry done, I charge a little extra. for a deep clean-I charge a little extra. for a regular clean, I charge 85to100 for the whole house cleaning-weekly-bi weekly-monthly-or once. I bring all the supplies. Also have Eco-friendly supplies. Can provide references too. Thank you.

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