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House Cleaning / March 10, 2023

Teresa is very detailed and doesn't miss a thing.
I have VERY high expectations so I did working interviews with 4 people before I found and hired Teresa.
She came over to do a walk-through and asked if I wanted a deep clean to start. She explained that she prefers to start from a clean slate which does take longer initially, but in the long run will save time each time she comes because it will be maintaining things from a finished state instead of just surface cleaning over an unfinished starting state.
I knew it would be expensive the first time, but it was SO worth it.
She spent 12 hours cleaning my house from top to bottom. Seriously. Top to bottom.
I usually have to ask for things like the following - but she got them without even being asked!
- the entire door and the door frames, (and tops)
- looking for and wiping handprints off walls
- wet-cleaning every baseboard
- the cords and stands for appliances (think: electric toothbrush stand and cord)
- the legs and undersides of finished wood furniture
- dusting curtain rods and shower rods
- dusting the light bulbs and top of a wall mounted mirror
- using the edge tool along every floorboard, every time
- vacuuming the sofa
- cleaning the doors and faces of cabinetry with pledge every time
- wiping off little things like night lights and outlet expanders
- using the attachment to get under furniture the vacuum won’t fit under
- cleaning the dripped soap off the soap dispensers and shampoos
My husband was initially a little nonplussed that it would take 12 hours to clean the house with a $200+ price tag, BUT I got out an actual white glove and went around the house showing him that I couldn't even find any dirt on things like the door hinges, corners of the floors, or the little teeny ledge on the bottom of the picture frame that no one but me ever remembers is there. She even dusted the electronics.
AND: she even removed CLEAR tape from the laminate flooring. I didn't even know it was there but she found it and scraped it off with a scraper tool.
You know your floors are clean when it squeaks….from bare feet!
I no longer have to follow behind a housekeeper touching up - which drove me crazy, but I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never find someone as detailed as I needed so I just settled - Not anymore!!
You will be very happy with her work. She really does think of everything.
Be prepared for the the first time to take about 2-4 hours per bathroom depending on size and condition, 3-4 hours for the kitchen and an 1-2 hours for each other room depending on the size and how much stuff you have, but the following times is a breeze because she's keeping up the initial state she created by doing such a thorough job. It saves at least an hour each returning time by starting fresh. ALSO, it makes it easier for me to keep things up between appointments because there's nothing to scrub - it's all clean! (I keep my house VERY clean and I couldn’t believe how much cleaner she got it.)
Overall I am spending less and I have a cleaner house than I would with another service even with an initially more expensive visit.
Plus she's very nice and very reliable and she calls if there's a problem. I can count on her being here if she says she'll be here or I'll here from her if there's an issue. She had a car issue once and rather than cancel, she borrowed a friend's car in order to keep the appointment then called to ask if being a little late would still work for me due to the need to borrow a car. - Amazing - most people would just cancel or they might not even call.
Hire Teresa. You will not be disappointed!
And on top of everything else, her rates are very reasonable.
Thank you Teresa!

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