House Cleaning Guelph

House Cleaning / May 15, 2023

From $9 per hour/hr 2 Verifications Age: 61 Experience: 7 Years

Previous work experience and responsibilities. Juan, Butler/chef/house manager/polyvalent cleaning. • Day to day running of the private residence to maintain standards • Take daily contact with the family office, fax, email, others, to cooperate with the social management calendar for family and guests as to departures and arrivals travel, specially when they come to the property to stay. • Also take a follow up and control worked time by the staff .Sign them and send them for account made duty of every • Scheduling and supervision of trades and vendors. • Oversee all outside contractors dealing with the estate, HVAC, Grounds Keepers, Pool and Water feature Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical, Pest control, Other house tending services as required and reporting any repairs needs. • Participation with housekeeping and control the cleaning protocol is respected, Oversee all staff member of the household including Housekeeping, and work closely and communicate regularly with operation team • Care with housekeepers fine furnishing, finishes and delicate surface including care of arts, silver and delicate items.

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