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House Cleaning Cornwall

House Cleaning / April 20, 2023

No matter what cleaning project you’re facing, The Maids can take it on.
Check out our complete list of Cornwall house cleaning services below

We have over 30 years of experience in the cleaning business and love what we do. Our Cornwall house cleaning services includes everything from disinfecting toilets and hand scrubbing floors. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System will get your home into spic-and-span shape, with a 100% guarantee. Spend your free time with your family and leave the cleaning to us. Book a recurring cleaning service in Cornwall to put your brooms and mops away and save yourself some work, while still maintaining a fresh home. You don’t have to commit to cleaning! We offer occasional cleaning services in Cornwall that can be booked whenever you see that layer of dust build up. We’ll come when you call us, no committment needed. Moving soon? The Maids can give your home a spic-and-span clean before moving out. Years of dust and grime can be hard to tackle, but we’re more than ready to show dust bunnies who’s boss. We can also do a thorough clean when you’re moving in to remove any dirt or allergens from the previous tenant. Need your home cleaned ASAP? Whether you’re about to host a party or overnight guests, we know how important last-minute cleaning can be. We’ll have your Cornwall home fresh in no time with our same-day cleaning services. A seasonal clean is a beautiful thing, and The Maids is more than ready to get your home in tip-top shape. Our fall and spring cleaning services incorporate our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, which gets into every nook and cranny of your home. We’ll scrub the floors, disinfect the doorknobs, clean the toilet seat hinges, and more.

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