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Cleaning House / November 16, 2023

While I have no professional cleaning experience, cleaning has been running through my veins since I was a young girl. At a very young age I remember begging my mom to help with laundry, dishes, and other cleaning activities around the house, and it has stuck with me throughout my life. My daily cleaning around the house consisted of Bathrooms: scrubbing sinks, tubs, floors, and walls. Cleaning every part of bedrooms from closets to under beds, dusting wood works, and washing walls of hallways, dining and living rooms. Making sure all floors are clean enough to eat off of. In my opinion maintenance of the house is not just contained to inside of the house, the outside appearance is just as important if not more than the inside appearance of the home. Mowing the lawn, gardening, washing outside furniture etc. Cleaning is not only about keeping your personal space and things up to par but making it welcoming every time you enter it.