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House Cleaning Bournemouth

Cleaning House / April 18, 2023

Domestic AngelsWe provide:-

  • Weekly Domestic Cleaning
  • Regular Help with Cleaning your Home
  • One-off Spring Cleaning

From busy housewives and workers to the elderly and infirm, a wide range of clients across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and local areas regularly turn to Domestic Angels as trusted providers of impeccable house cleaning services. Our friendly, personal approach replaces the chore of cleaning your home with a pleasurable visit from an Angel, which is why we still have clients from the start of our business in 2002.

Our cleaning services are tailored to your requirements, so whether you want an intensive top-to-bottom spring-clean or regular home care, we provide exactly what you want at an affordable price. Call 50.

"I know I can trust Sam and Domestic Angels to do a great job every week." (Gaynor)

There is nothing ‘standard’ about the house cleaning service provided by Domestic Angels. That is why we visit every new client's home to establish their needs.

  • At a time convenient for you we visit your home and conduct a detailed consultation. This allows us to understand your priorities and all necessary information about your home, including any particular cleaning requirements.
  • We then draw on our long experience to recommend the hours and frequency of home cleaning necessary.
  • The consultation notes are turned into your unique Service Checklist, defining the exact responsibilities of your Domestic Angel. This is used to ensure your expectations are fully and consistently met.

Our Domestic Angels take enormous pride not only in their work but also in the relationships they develop with clients. Your angel will remain with you and many clients remark how they become like extended members of the family – both welcome and invaluable.

That’s the difference of our domestic cleaning services. It’s also why you’ll be glad you took the first step to bring an angel into your home!

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