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Cleaning House / January 19, 2023

Part-time Tutor, Child/House/Dog Sitter, Errand Runner — Bartlett, IL

As a freshman I attended Fordham University in the Bronx, where I tutored children ages 5 to 17 at Fordham Bedford Children's Services, a nonprofit dedicated to providing low-income families with after school child care. I not only tutored, but coordinated activities such as games, sports, and book talks. I steadily babysat throughout high school as well as worked in customer service; I love people :). I have a passion for healthy living and love to be active! I played soccer in high school, ran cross country, and continue to long-distance run. I also love cooking and cleaning; I'm a vegan myself but I would have no problem preparing meals with meat for your children. I own a dog and cat that I care for regularly as well. Animals are always a plus! As I am a very productive individual, I would very much enjoy running errands for you, cleaning, or just taking your kids on adventures to get outside and stay active! I have experience with newborns as well.

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