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Cleaning House / January 29, 2023

Your new favorite maid service in Houston, hands down

Your home cleaning experience will never be the same again. We created Check Maid when we couldn’t find a cleaning service up to our standards, and we’re confident that you will appreciate the clean home, and free time, you get from using it.

Our first big benefit to you is all about convenience: easy scheduling. You’re probably familiar with the irritating, time-sucking process of having to call each and every cleaning company up just to find out pricing and availability that matches your budget and schedule, only to be dragged through a thousand questions and left with uncertainty.

With Check Maid, uncertainty with your home cleaning service is a thing of the past. We show you our real pricing and availability right through our website (or over the phone). We make things hassle-free and simple, as they should be. Once you’re happy with pricing and find an availability that suits your needs, you can schedule your first maid service entirely through our website or give us a call. The entire process takes less than a few minutes, either way you choose to book it.

While having easy scheduling is a big deal, you want to be certain your cleaners are punctual, professional, and get the job time in a time efficient manner. We've got you covered.

Check Maid works with the highest rated, most professional cleaners in your area. Our Houston cleaners have years upon years of experience in the cleaning industry, and they know how to clean your home like it was their own. We get emails and public reviews (around the web) on a daily basis praising our cleaners attention to detail and personability.

Get your house cleaned and your time freed

Cleaning your home in a time efficient and thorough manner is our top priority. That said, many of our clients are very surprised to learn how much extra time they actually save by using Check Maid. In some cases, it’s many hours a week. Cleaning a home thoroughly is difficult, and having professionals do it is the difference between night and day. You’ll feel the clean and absolutely love the extra time.

What’s next? Schedule online through our website. It takes less than a minute. If you have additional questions or concerns for us, please give us a call or email—the more questions, the better. Setting expectations is a big part of our customer experience success.