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High Pressure House Cleaning

Cleaning House / June 23, 2023

While ultra high-powered pressure washers are typically reserved for industrial use, many cleaning and landscaping companies also offer residential service using professional-grade tools. These companies specifically target the outside of homes, concrete steps and sidewalks, wooden decks, and also offer services for painting preparation by stripping away not only dirt but old paint or stain as well, leaving the surface ready for primer.

For homes, companies often use biodegradable cleaning solutions which won't damage plants or soil, and doesn't leave behind a sticky or oily residue on siding. For concrete slabs such as driveways or sidewalks, extremely hot (200 degrees Fahrenheit) water is used, along with high pressure (3500-4000 PSI). Some cleaners also bring surface spinners which are designed for use on flat surfaces. For decks, companies focus on hot water at low pressure to remove debris without cracking or splintering treated wood. Some also offer specialized services such as gutter cleaning, using high pressure water to blast out large piles of dirt or leaves, followed by hand cleaning.

The cost of professional pressure washing should include a set price for materials such as soap and a minimal charge for the equipment used. The bulk of the price should be based on how much time it takes to complete your job, estimated by the size of the area to be cleaned. In some cases, companies will bring their own water and pumps to supply the kind of pressure necessary, but if they're using water from your home, make sure you aren't being charged for it.

Pressure washers are a great way to tackle outside cleaning projects. For smaller jobs, a store-bought washer and the investment of several hours are usually enough; larger tasks benefit from the power of a professional service.

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