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Clean Your House / April 27, 2023

1251 California Dr
Burlingame, CA 94010

(650) 579-2669

Their wash & fold is quick! Dry cleaning is top! Love this place and so will you! Easy to get to - near California & Broadway

If there were 0 stars available that's what they'd get. I had my suit/shirts picked up to be dry cleaned. After being promised that they'd be done in 2 days, I received my items not in 2 days, but in 2 weeks instead. What's worse is that they lost my pants for my suit. I asked for fair compensation for my suit that they lost however they asked that I give them time to find the pant (to save them money). After 3 months, they finally tried to come to a resolution by bringing me pants that are a different color, pattern, and nothing like my original suit. I asked to be compensated as my suit is no longer usable and they just hung up on me as I was explaining the situation and have not returned any of my calls. I'm out $600 for my suit. Anyone using their services should BEWARE. Horrible service, horrible experience, horrible business ethics!

So the previous owners (two Asian sisters) aren't here anymore, and the new owners are telling customers they retired, but they haven't! I'm bummed that they moved to San Mateo, but they are well worth the extra travel time! So if you're like me and loved their service, visit them at 2472 Flores Street in San Mateo!

Hmmmm, just finished speaking with the receptionist (other?) She informed me that the price per pound listed on their website is not $1.25 per pound, but in fact $1.50 per lb with a minimum of $30 to be eligible for free pickup. So, essentially I have to weigh my laundry before they pickup to ensure that it is $30 worth in terms of weight or you get charged a fee. Nowhere on the website does it state this. She also went on to tell me that their hours are not what is listed. I was further informed that the new owner "can't afford" for the website to be touched up with the correct information and basically doesn't want to spend the money to take care of this. Even though when one searches for them, this website is what represents them to the world. Seriously? I politely informed her that this is known as false advertising. I work with websites and design, and it does not cost an arm and a leg to literally make a few changes to properly inform your prospective clients. Even though a friend had referred them, I will be looking elsewhere for this service since properly informing me is not a priority for the business owner.

Asked for one hour.. got 2 hrs but for only 2.00 for a shirt. Nice staff. Virtually no parking.

3.5 stars Weekday closing time mess. Their brochure (found in the store): 7pm The cleaning ticket: 630pm The store window: 6pm I went with the middle, seemed most logical as I had not seen the others. I left work and battled traffic to find the place closed. The next morning I pointed out the store closing discrepancies and my wasted time to the clerk. The result: Laughter and smiles. Really?!? I mentioned it might be a good idea to fix the problem. No response. It was pricey, clothes looked good though. I just don't have time for a business that work like this. The typical client works 9-5p... fix this!!

The best! We frequently use their laundry service and they are fantastic. They come to my home and pick up my laundry, then also drop it off. One less thing to worry about, and it's my way of treating myself!

I wouldn't even give this place a star but it wouldn't let me post a review otherwise.This place closed before they were supposed to without notice. I wouldn't recommend this place if it were the only place.

A cleaners.. right? Simple.. drop off dirty clothes, pick up clean. Well, they can't even get that part right. I dropped off 4 shirts and a pair of pants. Shirts came back okay, though no starch as I requested. Pants came back with the same stain I gave it to them with. If I had to guess, I'd say they just pressed them and gave them back to me. Here's the real kick in the pants. I went there on a Thursday evening to drop things off. I arrived at 5:53pm; 7 minutes before their posted closing time. Guess what.. gone. Today, a Tuesday, I go back at 7:05am to discuss my pants that weren't cleaned.. NOT OPEN YET!! Hours posted are 7am - 6pm. I went to a much better cleaners (Blue Ribbon; see my review), came back past Brick Dump and they STILL weren't open. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!

They did an okay job - understandable didn't remove a rough stain. But made me upset they charged me 6.50 per shirt when I picked them up instead of 2.25 which they had quoted me when I left my things. They said because they were "ladies'" they were blouses and not SHIRTS. But they are the exact same brooks brothers materials, only smaller. Ridiculous.

We had had the extreme pleasure of working with Brickhouse Cleaners for a very large order. I called them to schedule a pick up and they were able to accommodate me with a pick up service for the next day. Karen, who took my phone call was very personable and professional on the phone. They were on time for their pickup/delivery service. Everything about Brickhouse Cleaners is professional and I will continue using them for any and all laundry and dry cleaning services. Their service and quality of service are at the top of the game. I HIGHLY recommend Brickhouse Cleaners to anyone and everyone. The owner, Paul has made himself personally available for our needs and requests... A great business owner to work with! Way to go Brickhouse Cleaners!!! You have a client for lifetime!!!

I have to admit this was the most pleasant experience I've had with dry cleaners. The older lady whom I believe is the owner, is very kind. She is very honest with her pricing. She did not rip me off and was great. My blazers for work turned out great. She definitely knows what she is doing.

after driving from San Mateo to San Bruno looking for a place to have alterations done to a bridesmaid dress I was quoted from $75-$95 on my way home irratated that it was so expensive I stopped at Brickhouse thinking it doesn't hurt to ask. Jackie was so helpful and she told me to leave my dress and she would ask the seamstress she called me the very next day and told me $55 to hem and take in my dress and that my dress wouldn't take much time. Thank God I decided to stop I was going to give in to the Burlingame price of $85 ((RIDICULOUS)) everyone I spoke to especially Jackie were very helpful and great customer service.

I took in a comforter to get cleaned, and was very impressed. I was here months ago, and I've noticed they've really cleaned up the place. Jannie was very helpful, and my comforter no longer smells like my dogs! Will definitely come here again.

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