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House and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning / July 18, 2023

What a feeling it is to live in Lawrenceville and be surrounded by great dining places, performing arts and unique shops. A historical city with lots of activities that attracts visitors, many of whom even end up buying homes here. Lawrenceville is indeed one of the most pleasant cities to live in Georgia.

And when it comes to setting aside time for your house cleaning chores, there is no need to do so. Simply work with our experienced maids who’ll handle every big or small housekeeping project you have in mind. They will meet your expectations without limitations, following an approved by you home cleaning plan.

Need more cleaning services? Work with our highly qualified carpet cleaning technicians. They will provide a service that will leave your carpets, rugs, upholstery and even mattress smelling fresh without any damage to the textile.

Q: Do you offer house cleaning services during weekends and holidays?
— A: Yes, we do. And the best part – the price is the same.

Q: What kind of cleaning products do you use?
— A: We use only high-grade eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions to ensure a healthy environment in your home.

Q: What exactly is the difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning when it comes to carpet clean up?
— A: We suggest hot water extraction technique, as it removes dirt and grime from deep within the textile fibers. The steam cleaning method treats only the surface of the carpet and doesn’t provide the same thorough results.

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