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Carpet Cleaning / August 28, 2023

There exists two types of home, commercial industrial carpet cleaning machines: carpet extractors and carpet cleaners. Essentially, both types of carpet cleaning equipment do the same thing: clean carpet with water and/or carpet cleaning solution. This fact causes many to believe that there are no differences between carpet extractors and carpet cleaners - some may even use these terms interchangeably. Actually, carpet extractors and carpet cleaners work in the same way.

Carpet extractors like carpet cleaners extract from the carpet. What happens is the carpet extractor sprays water and/or cleaner into the carpet. Afterwards, carpet extractors like carpet cleaners lift up anything that might be in the carpet, which would be the water, solution and any dirt, stain or debris. Carpet cleaners and carpet extractors both work by scrubbing in water and solution into the carpet through the use of a wand, the most popular cleaning tool in the industry.

One carpet extractor and carpet cleaner machine that is an excellent brand for serving this purpose is the XTreme Power ® XPC 5700, which is the least expensive of the XTreme Power ® line. If carpets contain a lot of germy substances, such as dirt coming in from the outside, (which is the case for carpeting around doors), body waste or mold or mildew, a carpet extractor in conjunction with Eco-Green ® carpet cleaning solution is a wonderful choice.

Carpet extractors help remove everything in the carpet, making the carpet healthier and germ-free. The XTreme Power ® XPC 9200 is designed for commercial use. If carpets are heavily stained these carpet extractors can be used in conjunction with carpet cleaners. A carpet cleaner or carpet extractor performs excellently at helping removing carpet stains.

In conclusion, carpet cleaners and carpet extractors are used interchangeably. Basically, carpet cleaners and carpet extractors clean carpet and remove carpet stains. Whatever the name used, a carpet cleaner or carpet extractor should be used to clean carpet and upholstery stains for a new, fresher appearance.

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