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Healthy Homes Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning / May 25, 2023

Healthy Homes Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning specializes in safe, green, residue-free cleaning. We were green when being green wasn't fashionable. Why choose Healthy Homes? Because Only Healthy Homes combines the superior scrubbing and stain-busting of dry carpet cleaning with the superior rinsing and soil flushing of steam carpet cleaning in order to provide the highest level of soil and stain removal possible. You see, folks, dry method carpet cleaners only perform the first half of the cleaning process-They pre-treat and scrub your carpet, but they DO NOT RINSE-thus leaving most of the soil and contaminants behind in your carpets. Steam cleaning carpet cleaners only perform the second half-they rinse your carpet, but without having first scrubbed your carpets to loosen the soils properly-thus, again, leaving much of the soil and contaminants behind in your carpets. Healthy Homes performs both halves of the whole-giving you a superior clean at a very reasonable price!


Established in 2002.

Hi Folks, My name is David Day, and I am the owner/operator of Healthy Homes Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. I started cleaning carpet and upholstery in 1986, less than a week after high school graduation. I worked as a carpet cleaner full-time for three years, and then part time during the school year and full time during summer vacations as I worked my way through Ursinus College and then graduate school at Fordham University. After getting all that education, I found that God meant for me to be a carpet and upholstery cleaner all along. In 2000, I struck out on my own as an owner/operator. In 2002, I decided to focus upon using natural cleaning products such as citrus rind extract, peroxides and oxygen, as well as specialized enzymes. I incorporated as Healthy Homes Inc. in September of that year, and I have enjoyed working for the great people of the Lehigh Valley ever since. I look forward to providing you with a superior clean at a very reasonable price! 610-770-3126.

Meet the Business Owner

There is not much more to say about me here that was not already mentioned above in the history of the business. After all, for me, as for many business owners, the history of my business is, in many respects, my bio. I truly enjoy what I do. I love to see the amazing results I am able to achieve for homeowner after homeowner, and for business owner after business owner, day after day. I am blessed to have found myself in a business that allows me to feel such a sense of accomplishment and contribution, year afteryear, even though it has now been over 25 years since I cleaned my first carpet. My wife and I and our three children love the Lehigh Valley. We are active members of The First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, where my wife teaches the three year old Sunday School class, and my children enjoy singing in the children and youth choirs and participating in Youth Club. And, of course, we all enjoy summers at Dorney Park! Best Wishes, David Day, owner, Healthy Home Inc.