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Carpet Cleaning / July 3, 2023

Our truck-mount operating system offers many benefits to residential and commercial customers alike. Using hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, our truck-mount system allows for use of higher pressure, hotter water, and better vacuum suction than a portable machine, providing a deeper clean with shorter dry times. Our Rotovac 360 has three spray jets, as well as three vacuum slots, and rotates at up to 250 RPMs. This allows for a more superior clean and the ability to restore matted carpet with up to 750 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute (unlike traditional wand cleaning that only provides two-dimensional cleaning).

Rotovac 360

The amazing efficiency and thoroughness of the Rotovac 360, in combination with our truck-mount system, allows for quicker cleaning and less dry time. For instance, for a 3-bedroom house, the average cleaning time is 2-3 hours with dry time typically around 4-6 hours (dry times are longer for tough stains). Need to walk on your carpet before it’s dry? We’ll provide booties/shoe covers for you to use. Additionally, should you need to move your furniture back into place while the carpets are still damp, we have foam blocks to prevent damage to both the floor and your precious belongings.

Environmentally Responsible

We use biodegradable cleaning agents for an environmentally responsible clean. Since we are a local, family-owned business, you get the added bonus of having the owner on every job, ensuring quality service, and exceptional carpet cleaning every time. Backed by both our chemical and equipment manufacturers, we guarantee our carpet cleaning services, so you can feel confident about trusting us with your floors, your time, and your investment! We offer the top carpet cleaning in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Wellington and throughout Northern Colorado. Call us today for a free quote! Estimates are based per room.